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Michael R. Adele, Proprietor

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Michael R. Adele has tried general business litigation and intellectual property matters in Southern California for approximately 25 years in  both state and federal courts, often with astounding results.  Mr. Adele's most notable achievements include:

Winning a federal court jury trial on directed verdict,in the middle of cross-examining the other party's first witness, in a case with nearly $1,000,000 at issue; 
Winning a TRO and preliminary injunction, and later obtaining a favorable settlement for his client, in a bet-the-company trademark dispute against the company's founder; 
Winning an extraordinary order allowing his client to copy defendants' computers immediately upon service of the complaint (i.e., with no prior notice to defendants whatsoever) and executing a raid with federal marshals to implement this order, which ultimately resulted in a favorable settlement;
Winning a ten day bench trial in bankruptcy court that allowed confirmation of the client’s bankruptcy plan, and which resulted in the client’s successful bankruptcy reorganization; and 
Jailing an opposing party as a vexatious litigant after having him arrested in open court, which convinced the plaintiff to cease his vexatious litigation.

In addition, Mr. Adele has taught law school, served as a judge pro tem and been selected as a Super Lawyer for the years 2006 and 2014.

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